Get better value from your building experience with our custom home builder’s financing.

Curt Moran Builders’ Financing


At Curt Moran Builders, we believe building a custom home takes hard work — but financing it shouldn’t be. That’s why we offer flexible builder’s financing to lower the barrier of entry and simplify the home building process for our customers.

We’ll take care of everything for you, so getting the home of your dreams is easier than ever.




Financing Perks

Our process streamlines construction financing so you can get started building your dream home faster, without the hassle of lender approval or the strain of interval payments. Builder’s financing offers many perks over traditional construction lending, such as:

  • Lower rates and down payment
  • Flexible building timeline
  • Personalized qualification process
  • Faster home construction

Better rates and faster construction, backed by home building expertise you can trust — that’s the Curt Moran Builders’ guarantee.


Finance Your Custom Home Vision

Our builder’s financing is great for funding your custom home vision — but can apply to other projects too! With our partners at United Bank, we can assist with cash out refinancing or carry the costs of the project until work is complete. Consider Curt Moran Builders’ financing for:

  • New construction homes in one of our communities
  • New construction homes on your property
  • Large-scale home additions
  • Remodeling and renovation projects

Let Curt Moran Builders take the hassle out of construction financing. We’ll manage your entire project from start to finish and earn you the best value for your investment.



Curt Moran Builders’ Financing: How It Works

We’ve developed a transparent financing plan that works with your home building timeline, so you can get started on the build faster, then close on your completed home with one mortgage loan. Using our streamlined process, we can start building 2-3 weeks sooner than the traditional construction lending procedure.

1. Get Prequalified

Get prequalified with our lending partner, United Bank. Your financial documents are handled securely and professionally.

2. Give Us A Call

Connect with the Curt Moran team to discuss your project financing. We handle the qualification process ourselves to determine who is a great fit for the program.

3. Down Payment

We work out the details for your contract with a down payment of 10% projected costs (compared to the standard 20-30% for construction loans).

4. Approve Appraisal

A professional service contract goes out for formal appraisal. Once approved, construction on your home can begin that day — no underwriting required.

5. Lock in Your Rate

60 days before the build is complete, our crew will be finishing the details of your custom home while you lock in your rate for your 15 or 30-year mortgage with your lender.

6. Final Home Appraisal

After our crews have finished their work and the necessary permits are filed, a final home appraisal will ensure the value of your home matches the proposal.

7. Close & Move In

Close with a single mortgage loan and move into your new custom home. Enjoy the extra time and memories you get to make in your new space.

Traditional Lending vs. Curt Moran Builders’ Financing

You can enjoy the rewarding process of building your dream home without the delays or complications of traditional lender financing. See how our rates compare with common lending practices.



Mortgage Calculator

Estimate your monthly payment after closing on your new home mortgage.

Avoid the hassle that comes with traditional construction lending

Curt Moran Builders’ financing puts your needs first. Reach out to our team for more information and to start financing your dream home today.

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